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flexible tubing


Our world-class tubing is ideal for a wide variety of purposes.  We pride ourselves on its high degree of flexibility which makes it easy to use and install.  Our tubing is durable and dependable which allows it to thrive in demanding environments such as automation, food and beverage and medical applications.  Read more to discover why people across the world have come to depend on Floflex tubing.


Floflex fittings are made from a high-strength brass alloy which is known for its malleability and corrosion resistance.  Fully suitable for compressed air, compressed gas, and non-potable water.  They are highly desirable for automation, air tools and heating/cooling purposes.  Our extensive fitting program offers a wide variety of fitting styles so your connection solutions are available.  Read more to see why Floflex fittings are leading the race on brass connections.


tubing for automation


The automation industry relies on tough, versatile solutions for its airline and fluid power connections.  Floflex answers the call by providing durable, flexible poly tubing and brass adapter fittings.

tubing for heating and cooling


HVAC and heating applications require sensible parts that meet the task at hand.  Floflex flexible polyurethane tubing is ideal for water and drain lines.  Corrosion-resistant Floflex fittings are sought after for HVAC connections.

tubing for farm and agriculture equipment


Agricultural equipment may use anything from sprayers to pneumatic actuators. Floflex tubing and fittings are rated for both lower-pressure water applications as well as higher-pressure compressed air systems.

tubing for food and beverage


Food and beverage equipment needs durable, safe components.  Our tubing is safe for beverage applications and also corrosion resistant so it can be used in wash-down settings.  Our fittings can be used for air, gas and non-potable water connections.

tubing for medical equipment


Flexible Floflex tubing is an ideal solution for medical equipment with compressors, pneumatic actuators, air bladders and airlocks.  It’s available in a wide variety of tube sizes and works well with push-in, barb or compression fittings.



Floflex is proud to be an American company serving others worldwide.  We have local inventory in the United States which allows us to offer quick lead time and great service.


Floflex has a large inventory of its dynamic products ready for shipping.  We carefully forecast our customer’s and distributor’s needs to make sure we can meet their needs and provide the best service possible.


Our products are manufactured with the most cutting-edge equipment available. They are also rigorously tested before shipping to ensure their quality and integrity. This is how we maintain the product offering we are pleased to put our name on.


We have dedicated customer service agents and knowledgeable technical staff available to assist you.  We understand that customers have different needs and we strive to provide exceptional service.

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