We strive to offer the best polyurethane tubing on the market.  We understand that in most applications, tubing is the carrier that provides vital air, oil or water to the system enabling the operation and functionality.  Our tubing is made with precision processes and thoroughly tested during manufacturing to ensure quality, durability and functionality.



  • Highly Flexible
  • Durable
  • Made for Air, Oil & Water
  • Inventory in the USA
  • Material: 98A Polyurethane
  • Standard Max Operating Pressure: 120 PSI (@75° F)*
  • Burst Pressure: 325 PSI (@75° F)*
  • Operating Temperature: 14° F – 158°

*Temperature may affect pressure ratings above.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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Fluid power systems depend on airline tubing to get pressurized air from one component to the other.  Floflex tubing works great with push-in fittings which save time and money.  Floflex also offers brass elbow, tee and bushing fittings which are commonly used in air control circuits, pneumatic actuators, and air preparation units.


End-of-Arm tooling requires lightweight, flexible tubing that can bend as needed.  Floflex tubing works exceptionally well for air tools, grippers and clamps that require pressurized air.  It also works well for vacuum gripping tools which utilize negative pressure.


Our polyurethane tubing is approved by the FDA for use in food processing equipment.  Our fittings also work great for air and gas connections for food and beverage applications.  Both are tough, durable corrosion-resistant and can withstand washdown settings.


Irrigation equipment and sprinkler systems carry gallons of pressurized water to replenish dehydrated crops, sod and other vegetation.  Floflex tubing and fittings are rated for such water applications.  Floflex tubing’s ability to flex and bend makes it ideal for stretching along long frames and structures.  Floflex fittings are durable and corrosion-resistant.


Heating and cooling equipment requires a variety of components to function.  Plastic poly tube is often used for water supply lines and drain tubes.  Our durable,  flexible polyurethane tubing is great for these uses.  Our brass fittings also are exceptional for making gas, non-potable water and pressurized air connections.


FloFlex products are currently available from the following sales channels

FloFlex products are currently available from the following sales channels

The Automation Warehouse


The Automation Warehouse is the leading online expert for automation components and solutions.  They offer online resources such as a knowledge center, CAD drawings, quote generator and more.


Amazon is the world’s most trusted online marketplace.  Floflex is proud to partner with Amazon to make purchasing our products quick and convenient.

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