Our products thrive in a variety of industries.  This is because people from different trades have all come to depend on the solutions our products bring. 


Floflex tubing and fittings are great for common industrial automation applications. Floflex tubing is flexible and works well with push-in fittings. Floflex fittings are durable yet malleable which helps seal better than steel fittings even when using sealant.


Floflex tubing works great to transfer water and air in HVAC equipment. Its flexibility and durability make it good for making connections in tight places or simply for being used as a drain tube. Floflex fittings are made from a durable brass polymer that does not rust and is suitable for non-potable water uses in buildings and recreational vehicles.


Agricultural equipment requires tough rugged components. That’s where Floflex tubing and fittings excel. They work great for transferring water to spray nozzles or air to pneumatic valves or actuators.


Floflex tubing is FDA-approved and works with a variety of fitting types. It does not rust or corrode so it’s ideal for spray-down environments. Floflex fittings work well to transfer air and non-potable water in automation food and bottling lines where fluid power components are utilized.


Floflex tube works well for medical that use air pumps or air bladders in addition to automated medical equipment which uses pneumatic controls and actuators.

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